Practicing on Marked Game Fields - Friday, October 03, 2014

We have been informed and witnessed on one occasion registered ASA teams practicing on marked game fields at John Stiff.  Let me remind everyone that we don’t allow this and you will be fined, not to mention be forced to forfeit your next scheduled game.  We have not had issues from ASA teams in the past and if we have failed to inform everyone of this RULE, please accept this as final notice and warning.  Practicing on “actual” playing fields is prohibited throughout each season by ASA and competitive teams.  Please help us to protect our playing fields and keep the usage to a minimum.  Lastly, I understand that we have other groups and sporting teams that use these areas and the City of Amarillo has posted a few signs to help, but if we can’t even control our own, it will be extremely hard to get support from the City on others breaking this rule as well.

Thanks for you participation,

Curt Pohlmeier, President

Amarillo Soccer Association

ASA Schedule - Wednesday, August 27, 2014
The ASA Fall 2014 Schedule is now posted online. The U5 teams are listed as coed U5. The middle school teams are listed as either MDS/U11-U13 Coed or MDS/U14-U16 Coed.  
Schedule Requests for FALL 2014 Season - Monday, August 25, 2014
Please make note that as of 5:00 pm on August 25, 2014 any schedule requests will need to be authorized via Executive ASA Board with all fees accompanying any request in writing.  Schedule Request fee is $25.00

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